Sean Andrade was quoted by The Hollywood Reporter in a recent article entitled, “Does Hollywood Have an Overtime Problem?” authored by Ashley Cullins. The piece highlights how the unspoken labor rules in Hollywood have contributed to widespread misinformation and a lack of compensation for overtime work

According to the article, in 2019, California’s AB 5 bill was hailed as a solution to ongoing labor issues such as unemployment benefits and health insurance – but since that time, other widespread issues, such as unpaid overtime, have gone largely unnoticed. Experts including Sean weigh in on the possible reasons why employees remain uninformed on these issues, or may choose to stay silent or pursue private actions against entertainment employers.

In Sean’s opinion, “It takes a certain level of confidence and bravery to step forward. You see it happening to you and other people. Most of the time people just accept it, especially if they’re in an industry where they could be penalized for stepping forward and complaining.”

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