Sean Andrade was quoted in Alexandra Canal’s Yahoo! Finance article “Overturned Cosby conviction ‘far from an exoneration’ with $400M empire at stake,” which examines the future for Bill Cosby’s significant empire now that Pennsylvania’s highest court has overturned his sexual assault conviction. In Sean’s opinion, “this Supreme Court decision is far from an exoneration” for Cosby, who could potentially face multiple lawsuits from the victims involved. 

Sean added that during Cosby’s testimony there was an agreement that “incriminating statements,” could not be used against him. “The Fifth Amendment and the ability to not testify against yourself criminally is a very important right in our system,” Sean noted, and “makes very clear that people have to be careful when using the media and the public” and that prosecutors “have to be much more careful with the broad authority that they do have.”

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