Sean Andrade was quoted in Ashley Cullins’ The Hollywood Reporter article “‘Criminal Minds’ Dispute Raises Questions About Government Reach,” which questions whether the Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) can pursue an injunction against Disney over alleged harassment on the set of ‘Criminal Minds.’ There are varying opinions within the article due to the fact that the accused offender no longer works for Disney or its affiliates, and that the series has ended.

Sean states, “Here the DFEH is really trying to make out a case of pattern and practice and bigger policy issues that went into play.” He adds, “DFEH would probably argue production may have ended, and that one person may be gone, but this is still going to continue happening.” Sean closes out the article by stating, “It does become a slippery slope if you’re able to essentially obtain an injunction when the conduct being complained about has already ceased… DFEH is trying to make it broader about their policies and how they handle instances of retaliation and harassment. It is an interesting question: How strong and broad can the power of the government be?”

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‘Criminal Minds’ Dispute Raises Questions About Government Reach