Sean Andrade was recently quoted in Financial Times insurance publications P&C Specialist, Life Annuity Specialist, and Health Payer Specialist. The article, “Insurers Should Prepare for Potential Rise in Sexual Harassment Claims,” examines how the shift to an in-person work environment may result in a rise in sexual harassment claims across all industries.

When examining prevention techniques, Sean explains, “Some training used by the industry is outdated and should address up-to-date scenarios such as Zoom conference meetings, text messaging, and communications through chat windows.” He continued to express, “People should see real scenarios that they are actually going to confront.”

The article also examines the recent wave to lengthen or temporarily remove the statute of limitations in sexual harassment and abuse claims. Sean explains that this is creating long-tail exposure for insurers whose policyholders are demanding that older policies cover claims made years later. “This is really impacting a lot of the older insurance policies,” Sean said, adding that “with the significant recent spikes in higher verdicts, the payouts can be enormous.”