Sean Andrade was recently spotlighted in Authority Magazine’s series “The Business Side Of Law: 5 Things You Need To Create Or Lead A Successful Law Firm.” The interview highlighted Sean’s professional journey from growing up with a parent in the profession to founding a Firm himself. When reflecting on how he got to this point in his career, Sean explained “My main motivation is making a difference. I love helping our clients. Whether it is an individual, a family, someone’s business, a public entity, or a corporation, I enjoy and am driven to deliver the very best results.”

The article also examined the nuanced advice Sean has for legal professionals considering running their own practice. Sean cited the importance of learning from one’s mistakes as a lawyer, and as a leader of a successful firm. He said, “No one is born knowing how to run a business. You can get all the how-to books, talk to all the mentors, and be as prepared as possible, but you will make mistakes.” Sean continued to share, “It is all about getting back up and learning from those mistakes.”

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