Sean Andrade and Stephen Masterson’s expert analysis piece “Insurers Should Cover Small Businesses’ COVID-19 Losses” was published on Law360 on October 8, 2020. In the article, Sean and Steve detail the reasons why insurers should be covering small businesses’ losses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrade and Masterson explain that insurers are quick to interpret language as narrowly or broadly as possible in order to avoid paying out a claim. They go on to describe why this shouldn’t be the case and give specific actions insureds should take.

The article states, “Instead, to maximize their ability to obtain coverage, insured entities must provide insurance companies with prompt notice of COVID-19 losses, and most importantly, they should use general terms to avoid limited application of any coverage, diligently track expenses and losses, including the categories or types, and precise amounts, and document all COVID-19-specific facts and reasons — including applicable orders leading to closures — that would trigger coverage.”

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