The Los Angeles Business Journal recently showcased Andrade Gonzalez’s latest milestone—a striking new office space that embodies their unwavering commitment to excellence. As the firm approaches its 10-year anniversary, the article aptly captured the firm’s journey of growth and success, with a particular emphasis on the exceptional talent that has fueled its ascent to prominence in the industry.

“It’s a beautiful office space here and it’s been very inspirational for all of us and motivating for everybody to come in and be together and part of the team,” Sean Andrade told LABJ, “Since the pandemic kind of made things a little more difficult in that regard, people kind of felt separate, and I think this office space makes people connect well together.”

Sean remarked, “We hired an associate within two weeks (of launch), another senior attorney in October and by the end of the year, we had Steve Masterson join us. Since then, it’s been great growing.”

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New Office for Andrade Gonzalez